What Is an Athletic Dress Shirt?

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athletic dress shirt

An athletic dress shirt | Tailored Athlete is perfect for muscular guys who want a comfortable and flattering fit. They’re made of lightweight materials and come in wrinkle resistant fabric for easy care. They can also be machine washable for a quick-dry finish.

What Is an Athletic Fit?

An athletic fit is a cut that fits closer to the body, especially around the chest, shoulders, and arms. It also has a trim waist. Typically, these shirts have darts sewn into the back to prevent them from looking baggy around the waist.

The best athletic dress shirts are designed for people with muscular builds, which can be difficult to find. Some traditional dress shirts are too wide and billow out too much, which can hide your athletic build and make you look like a fat kid in a suit.

Athletic Dress Shirts: The Perfect Combination of Performance and Style

Slim fit shirts on the other hand are a great option for people with thin bodies. They can be a little too tight in the arms and torso, but they’re often quite flattering on skinny guys.

What Is the Difference Between an Athletic and a Slim Fit?

The biggest difference between an athletic and a slim fit is that an athletic shirt has a slightly wider torso. They can have extra room in the biceps and arms, but they’re not as form-fitting as a slim shirt.

A standard slim fit shirt will have a trimmed stomach and waist, but it won’t taper down to the waist. This can be uncomfortable or even sagging, which can make you look untidy.

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