The Best Playground Markings For Schools

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With significant cuts to PE over the years, schools have been looking for innovative ways to bring learning outside. Unique Playground Surfaces are a great way to do this, encouraging children to engage with their learning in a different environment than the classroom and appealing to each child’s unique style of learning.

There are many types of playground markings, from simple games like snakes and ladders to football pitch markings and mazes. By using a specialised company, schools can ensure that their markings are bespoke and tailored to the curriculum.

From Sports Courts to Sensory Paths: Versatile Playground Markings in the UK

The best markings will appeal to each child’s different learning styles, and provide a creative and interactive experience. For example, by painting numbers on the sides of a slide, a teacher can turn this into a counting exercise for their pupils. Playground markings can also teach children about a variety of subjects, including the solar system, telling time and maps.

For schools looking for a high-quality supplier of thermoplastic playground markings, they can turn to several companies who specialize in these designs. One such company is Thermmark Playground Markings UK, which provides a range of bespoke markings that can transform any school’s outdoor space. They produce pre-cut thermoplastic materials using precise water jet technology and work with a range of pigments to create fun, vibrant markings that will inspire students. Their markings are also made to last a long time, so you won’t have to worry about them faded or damaged over the years.

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