Tennis Court Painting

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tennis court painting

A quality tennis court can brighten up any dull day. If yours is starting to look a bit worn then it may be time for a little tennis court painting. Repainting your court will help maintain the non slip surface which is set out by governing bodies LTA, SAPCA and ITF. It will also enhance the appearance of your court and give it that fresh clean look.

Repainting a court is typically carried out after a pressure wash cleaning. This will remove any contamination from the surfacing which can cause problems with the colour coating bonding to it. The pressure wash is usually followed by a quick rake up of the surface to remove any debris that has accumulated over time.

A Stroke of Genius: The Art of Tennis Court Painting

It is then possible to apply the first coat of paint. This should be a ratio of 80% paint to 20% silica sand. The sand is rounded and helps minimize the application marks. The squeegee is then run over the surface to ensure that all areas are covered.

This coat will then need to be allowed to dry. After the surface is dry a second coat can be applied. The second coat will be a ratio of 50% paint and 50% sand. The sand is again rounded and helps minimize the tool marking marks.

If you have a smaller project in mind such as painting the pickleball lines, then we would recommend the use of a good paint calculator to work out how much product you will need. This will help you avoid having to order more than necessary and save on delivery costs.

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