SAS Asbestos Services Can Identify Areas of Risk

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The use of asbestos in a wide variety of domestic and commercial buildings was banned in 1999 but it is still present in many properties across the UK. SAS Asbestos Services can identify these areas of risk and provide solutions.

A management asbestos survey is required before any form of refurbishment work or demolition can take place. This is designed to locate and describe, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspected ACM within the premises – this may be limited to a specific area or the whole building if demolition is planned. This is a fully intrusive inspection and is the most detailed type of survey required under HSG264.

Safe Solutions: SAS Asbestos Services Leading the Way in Asbestos Management

In the town of Casale Monferrato, several separate departments deal with raw asbestos and AC products (e.g. a rail yard, warehouses for finished products, and a landfill for AC waste discharge). In addition, private buildings and yards contain secondary sources that generate airborne asbestos concentrations. During two demolitions, airborne measurements were taken before the start of demolition activities to determine background levels. These values were used to calibrate the monitoring pumps for the duration of the demolitions. The measurements were also taken for a short period after the demolitions to evaluate how quickly concentrations declined.

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