Phenolic Labels and Plates

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Phenolic labels are used to label and identify machinery, electrical panels and industrial equipment. They also work well as safety or warning signs. These are often seen in commercial, corporate, marine, mining, military municipal and other industries where heavy machines are in use. Phenolic nameplates can withstand the fumes and chemicals found in these environments while being able to provide bright, easily-noticeable colors that meet regulatory compliance requirements for signage.

How much do phenolic tags cost?

Phenic compounds, such as flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols, anthocyanins, stilbenes, and pigments have been incorporated into active packaging and edible films/coatings to achieve a variety of specific goals based on their antimicrobial or antioxidant characteristics [79]. These naturally occurring substances can be used to replace synthetic-type additives and preservatives.

Currently, many companies use laminate or lamacoid to create their phenolic labels and plates because it is more durable than standard thermoset plastics. This material offers heat resistance, chemical resistance and good electrical insulation. It is also available in the primary safety colors needed for warning and safety information.

The downside to lamacoid is that it can only be rotary engraved and is not UV stable. However, a modern alternative is acrylic-based engraving stock like Rowmark. This phenolic replacement offers a wide selection of colors and is much more durable. It is also rated for outdoor use and will not crack from vibrations that would cause other materials to break. It is a great option for the most demanding of applications.

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