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optometry podcast

The best optometry podcast | Defocus Media is like an on-demand radio show for optometrists. It is available as an audio file on a website or can be downloaded to your phone. It’s the perfect way to stay informed and entertained during your commute. Listen to optometry podcasts on your iPhone or Android device! And if you’re looking for an optometry podcast that’s both educational and entertaining, look no further than the Optometry Radio Show.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Most Popular Optometry Podcasts

The Optometry Podcast is produced by the College of Optometrists and features an ex-hospital radio DJ, Head of Research Martin Cordiner, and other professionals in the field. The podcast covers topics relevant to young optometrists, such as the gender wage gap and how to negotiate a fair salary. They also discuss current events in the optometry industry and share tips and advice for practicing more effectively. There are 19 episodes in total and are available on various podcast platforms.

If you’re interested in the latest trends in eye care, optometry podcasts are an excellent way to stay informed. With interviews conducted by leading experts in the field, the Optometry Podcast offers bite-sized insights into the hottest topics in the eye care industry. It’s a great way to stay on top of eye care trends, and find out about new developments in contact lenses. The Optometry Podcast is available on podcasting platforms like iTunes and Stitcher.

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