Mens Pendant Necklaces

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If you’re looking to buy a gift for a man, consider a mens pendant necklace. These accessories are unique and can symbolize many different things to a man. They’re also great conversation starters. For example, actor Ryan Gosling wears a pendant necklace featuring a dog tag on it. It’s not just any necklace, though; a mens pendant necklace can be personalized and made by an artisan for a special occasion.

The most common type of men’s pendant necklace

Chain pendant men necklaces can come with a religious symbol, such as an anchor, which is an age-old symbol of strength. These necklaces can also have a nautical theme, since an anchor has obvious links to the sea. Alternatively, a Los Angeles-based jewellery company uses the Hamsa hand motif, which is said to ward off evil spirits in North African and Middle Eastern cultures. Other common symbols include the skull and holy cross, which have Christian connotations. Another common symbol is the feather, which has universal meaning and represents peace and harmony.

Mens pendant necklaces come in a wide variety of styles, so choosing one that suits your personality and style will help you choose the right necklace for your outfit. The chain can be made of rope or hemp, which is often used for long pendants and cufflinks. This material is also simple and doesn’t distract from the rest of your outfit. Leather thongs are bigger and tend to give a more natural look to the wearer. But they’re less suitable for collared shirts and modern business clothes.

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