Mens Necklace Pendants For Men

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mens necklace pendants

Mens necklace pendants can be worn with both chains and charms. The charms can be a simple symbol of a man’s personality or can be a more decorative element that turns heads. Ryan Gosling wears a pendant with a dog tag attached to the chain. This kind of pendant is not only attractive but can start a conversation. Besides charms, men can also choose pendants that represent their zodiac sign.

Choose A Chain With A Width Of Two To Six Millimeters

While silver is a classic choice, gold is much brighter and demands attention. Silver is subtle and fits with a traditional men’s color palette. Moreover, silver-tone designs tend to be cheaper and lower-quality, and are often made of cheaper material. Regardless of the style and material of your mens necklace pendant, it should be durable. For the best results, buy a solid sterling silver pendant. Otherwise, you might end up with a silver-tone necklace that’s likely to fall off.

When it comes to the material used for men’s necklace pendants, you can go with cords made of hemp or rope. The two materials are natural and rugged, and are a perfect fit for the casual and outdoor look of a man’s neckline. In general, men tend to avoid necklaces made of velvet or cloth, as they tend to be too feminine for their looks. But, if you don’t want your man to look like a princess, you can try a pendant that has a special meaning to you.

For a personal style statement, choose a necklace with a stone that soothes the skin. Some men like to wear beaded necklaces because they are colorful and add a unique touch to their wardrobe. But, if you’re looking for a pendant that’s soothing to the skin, consider crystal pendants. Unlike their feminine counterparts, crystals have long been used by alternative health practitioners and in Eastern medicine. A black tourmaline pendant can reduce anxiety while rose quartz is said to create peace and harmony in relationships. A blue agate pendant blends modern materials with vintage design. Its square gold vermeil frame and blue agate pendant are two perfect examples.

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