Manitoba Marijuana Sales Outperforms Quebec and Ontario

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Manitoba Marijuana Sales

Manitoba Marijuana Sales

Manitoba Marijuana Sales  legalization, Manitoba is outperforming Ontario and Quebec in the Canadian cannabis market, according to an industry expert. That’s partly because the Prairie provinces have a more robust framework that allows private retail stores and opens the door to e-commerce, he says.

In Manitoba, the provincial government is maintaining a wholesale monopoly and regulating distribution, but private retail store owners can set their own prices. In addition, the province has a public education campaign called Smart Choices that teaches retailers how to recognize intoxicated customers and young people under 19. The government also prohibits residential cultivation and requires all workers at licensed stores to complete a Responsible Cannabis Store Worker Training course.

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As for Mistik, the store’s owners say they can set themselves apart from their competitors by separating products into categories that represent different experiences, such as non-psychoactive products, relaxation and energy. And they greet every customer who walks through the doors in both English and French.

As of Friday, there were five privately owned and operated recreational cannabis stores operating in the province. The province will also soon open its first marijuana delivery service. The Manitoba government is expected to announce more details next week. Licensed private retailers will be allowed to sell online, but the province doesn’t plan to allow the sale of cannabis in-person at locations other than the retail stores. The stores will need to be self-contained. Those who receive cannabis delivered to their home or workplace will be required to sign for it, just like with most packages.

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