How Laminate Flooring Is Constructed

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laminate flooring

The best laminate flooring look and perform like real wood, stone, or ceramic tile. In fact, this budget-friendly flooring option is so realistic that it can even raise a home’s resale value. While the plastic-looking laminates of the past have been replaced by higher-quality options that are more durable, it’s still important to understand how these floors are constructed and what to watch out for.

To make a laminate floor, three distinct layers are used. The core layer (A) is a strong, dense board that protects against indentations and moisture. The design layer (B) features a high-resolution photo of the desired material, such as wood or tile, and is sealed with a clear coating that offers protection against fading and other damage. The wear layer (C) is a clear coating that includes aluminum oxide to give your floor the durability needed to resist scuffing and scratching.

The Versatility of Laminate Flooring: Elevate Your Space with Style and Simplicity

When shopping for the right laminate floor, consider the function of the room. Will it be exposed to a lot of water, or will it be subject to heavy traffic? You can find out by looking for an AC rating, which indicates how well a laminate floor is rated for abrasion, impact, and stain resistance.

Some laminate floors also feature an antimicrobial coat for additional hygienic benefits, while others offer a waterproof surface that’s ideal for kitchens or bathrooms. The manufacturer Mannington Mills, for example, offers a wide range of styles and colors as well as a helpful online tool that allows you to visualize specific laminate floors in your space.

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