Higher Level of Consciousness

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Higher level of consciousness is a state of elevated awareness and perception that helps you have a deeper understanding about life, the self and various spiritual aspects of your experience. It is one of the most important stages on your spiritual journey and a key component of your personal development and psychological growth. This is a powerful shift of perspective that allows you to trust Life rather than try to control it.

Many people are familiar with the concept of levels of consciousness; each level operates within you at different times and under different circumstances. Some levels are more comfortable, some are harder to operate in, but they all serve a purpose and are necessary for spiritual growth. The highest level of consciousness is that of allowing Life to move through you. This is the level where you realize that your life, despite how difficult and painful it may seem at times, is something you can trust.

Rising Above: Attaining a Higher Level of Consciousness

This phase of consciousness is the level where you learn that your suffering does not come from the events in your life but rather from your stories about what happens. For example, on a gray day you might complain that the weather is boring and make yourself miserable when, in reality, it could be a beautiful day. Instructors who operate at this level are often ‘drill sergeants’ and use high levels of escalating pressure with students to get them to do what they want them to do.

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