Everest Curved End Rubber Strap For Rolex Submariner

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Whether you are looking to give your Rolex Submariner Rubber Strap overhaul or simply give it a fresh new look, adding a rubber strap is a great way to do it. Many people are now using rubber straps for their watch and this is due to the fact that they offer a different look, feel and comfort than traditional metal bracelets. The most common types of rubber straps are NATO and Perlon straps but there are a lot of other options as well.

The Everest Curved End Rubber Strap is a popular option for the Submariner as it looks extremely good and integrates with the Oyster clasp perfectly. It is also incredibly comfortable and comes in a range of sizes to accommodate all wrists from XXS – XL (approximately 5 1/2 – 8 1/4 inches or 14 – 21 cm). It is Swiss made of FKM vulcanized rubber and meets FDA and BVGG specifications (non-toxic, non-marking and hypoallergenic) as well as being resistant to UV Rays, atmospheric conditions, and chemicals.

Affordable Luxury: Quality Watch Straps Available Online

While the Everest is more expensive than some other straps, it has a number of benefits that make it worth the extra cost. For example, the vulcanized rubber offers a premium look and feel compared to cheaper straps that can be sticky and sweaty. It is also supplied with robust 2.0mm spring bars which is more than what you can get with most cheaper straps that only have 1.5mm spring bars.

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