Canadian Humanitarian and Activists

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Canadian humanitarian and activists

Humanitarian and activists are important part of Canada’s foreign aid program, and it is important for us to support their work around the world. This is why we provide assistance to international human rights defenders. These individuals protect human rights and strengthen the rule of law, often at great personal risk. They represent various groups, including indigenous people, women, and vulnerable children. Throughout our history, Canada has supported these individuals and organizations.

How To Turn Canadian Humanitarian And Activists Into Success

Larissa Dawson is a Jamaican/Metis woman from Calgary who started her humanitarian journey at age sixteen. She organized a fundraiser to build a library in Ghana and also contributed to a public library in her home province. She graduated from York University with double honours and a master’s degree in sociology. She applied her research into renewable energy policy, and now advocates for anti-racism in the global energy industry.

Marc Kielburger, a medical doctor, is another notable humanitarian. She founded the non-profit organization War Child Canada and its US counterpart, War Child USA. Time and the Globe and Mail named her one of Canada’s most influential people. She was also named one of the 200 most influential young people in the world by the World Economic Forum. She was awarded the Order of Ontario and was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2011.

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