Boric Acid Suppositories For Yeast Infections

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natural boric acid suppositories

Boric acid is an antifungal and antibacterial medication that can be used to treat a variety of infections, including bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections.

Yeast infection: natural boric acid suppositories may help cure yeast infections that are resistant to first-line treatment, such as antibiotics or creams containing miconazole. In one study, researchers found that a person who was treated with vaginal suppositories containing 600 mg of boric acid once a day for 2 weeks had a higher cure rate than those who were treated with antibiotics alone.

Going Natural: The Benefits of Using Boric Acid Suppositories for Vaginal Health

Boric acid is also a treatment for trichomoniasis, an infection caused by the parasite trichomonas vaginalis that causes green or yellow discharge. It works by restoring the vaginal pH balance to more acidic levels, which helps reduce the growth of the parasite and its spores, and also prevents it from spreading.

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection that affects the female reproductive organs and can result in painful itching and vaginal discharge. It is a very common condition that can cause severe symptoms, and should not be ignored.

In general, it is safe to use a boric acid suppository to treat a yeast infection, but the acid can cause some irritation in the vagina. For this reason, people who are pregnant or nursing should discontinue use.

The acid can also damage the skin. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply it directly to open wounds in the vagina or to use it on an open cut or scrape in or around the body. If you notice any side effects, contact your doctor.

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