Yamabushitake: A Basic Guide

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Yamabushitake: A Basic Guide

Yamabushitake, also known as Lion’s Mane, Satyr’s Beard and Hericium Erinaceus, is a medicinal and edible mushroom. This mushroom consists of a wide range of polysaccharides including heterogglucans, B-glucan, and heteroxyalsn as well as two different cyanthane derivative triterpenes called erinacine and hericenone. Even though the people in North America, Asia, and Europe have used this mushroom primarily for culinary purposes, the fact is that this mushroom comes with strong medicinal properties too. In the recent period, many people use Yamabushitake in the form of a supplement as a nootropic.

How does Yamabushitake nootropic work?

There is a reason why so many people say that Yamabushitake is the best brain vitamin in the market. Namely, this mushroom extract works in a few different ways and all of these activities contribute to the improvement of cognitive functions in users.

First of all, this nootropic supports the nerve growth factor. In this way, the brain is regenerated and reenergized. Next, it lowers the effects of nerves damages caused by the natural process of aging. It was also proven that Yamabushitake combats beta-amyloid proteins and the formation and presence of these structures in the body is an early sign of developing degenerative brain problems. It’s also good to know that this popular nootropic can protect the neurons in our brain by eliminating stress. As we all know, stress is one of the reasons why people experience so many physical and mental problems. Finally, it enhances cognitive and memory functions in general.

The importance of the nerve growth factor

Most experts agree that the best thing about this all-natural nootropic is the positive impact it has on the NFG – nerve growth factor. We have already mentioned this before, but we will now provide additional information. Nerve growth factor is actually a chemical naturally found in the human brain that has an impact on the growth and development of neurons. This chemical plays a crucial role in the process of differentiation and support of nerve cell activity. It acts in the central and the peripheral part of the brain. Several scientific studies have confirmed that NFG levels below average can result in brain cell denial and if this situation lasts for a while, you can expect the first signs of dementia. So, Yamabushitake is here to stimulate the production and work of the nerve growth factor.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that this natural nootropic acts quite fast because it can penetrate the barrier between blood and brain easily.

Other benefits of Yamabushitake use

Initial studies have shown that Yamabushitake nootropic can be beneficial for the immune system too. It can also protect internal organs from oxidative damage and free radicals. There is evidence that Yamabushitake can regulate and stabilize cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Final thoughts

If you are planning on using a nootropic for the first time, it is a good idea to start with Yamabushitake which is included in GodMode because this brain vitamin will let you witness the effects in no time. This nootropic will help you prevent premature aging, enhance memory and stimulate neuron growth.

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