Spotlight on Pterostilbene - Activate Your Higher Order Thinking

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Spotlight on Pterostilbene - Activate Your Higher Order Thinking

Pterostilbene is a powerful antioxidant and brain vitamin nootropic. It boosts dopamine levels in the brain and improves memory, learning, and other cognitive functions. Pterostilbene is closely connected with resveratrol, and this nootropic supplement provides many great neuroprotective benefits. In smaller amounts, it can be found in grapes and blueberries, but in order to get the best effects out of it, it is recommendable to take it as a supplement. The best results can be seen when it is stacked together with other nootropics included in GodMode

Pterostilbene differs from resveratrol in the fact that is more bio-available, and this brain vitamin easily reaches the cells in the body. It also shows numerous anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, which makes it very popular nootropic on the market today. When pterostilbene enters your body it tends to imitate restrictions in calories. This is one of the most popular and very common strategies for extending the life of vital organs. In theory, calorie restriction without going into malnutrition state is very helpful for slowing down the process of aging.

Some of the key benefits coming from pterostilbene include prevention of cancer and diabetes, and it also helps in maintaining healthy levels of lipids. Benefits of this brain vitamin can be boosted if it is taken together with resveratrol. Together they show great results against many inflammatory issues and serve as prevention for different diseases. Taking pterostilbene as a supplement or in a nootropic stack helps in modifying the enzymes that work as regulators of glucose levels in the body. That way you can lower down the number of proteins that get damaged by the glucose.

Pterostilbene also shows great results in reducing high blood sugar levels, as well as cholesterol. It protects the cardiovascular system and it serves as prevention against arteries hardening. Increased intake of pterostilbene can help you protect yourself from strokes and heart attacks, while the oxidative stress also gets reduced.

Taking pterostilbene supplements has shown effective results in preventing certain diseases associated with aging, like Alzheimer`s. This is in connection with the anti-inflammatory features of the pterostilbene because it is believed that one probable cause for the appearance of Alzheimer`s disease are inflammatory issues. Pterostilbene reduces the loss of dopamine from the brain, so it serves like a really good brain vitamin stack for GodMode.

When it comes to recommended dosage of pterostilbene, it is advisable to start with low doses and then gradually increase. Recommended daily dose is between 40 and 250 mg. As soon as you become familiar with the way pterostilbene works and its effects on the brain, adjust the doses so they can best fit your needs.

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