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People have used the bacopa herb, also known as bacopa monnieri, waterhyssop, and Indian pennywort, for thousands of years. You can find many references to this herb in Ayurvedic scripts. One of the most important compounds found in this herb are the natural chemical compounds known as bacosides. They are specific saponins separated into two categories – bacoside A and bacoside B.What makes Bacosides A and B special?Saponins, including bacosides A and B, have powerful anticancer, antimicrobial and cholesterol stabilizing properties. So, there are many health benefits that people can expect from these chemical compounds. Yet, bacosides A and B...

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Most people are not familiar with the term Bioperine. So, in order to clear any dilemmas, we will mention that Bioperine is actually black pepper extract. So, the extract comes from the famous piper nigrum plant which is commonly used in different meals. To be more precise, Bioperine is a trademarked extract that consists of at least 95% piperine which is the most important ingredient in this extract.

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