Lithium Orotate: A Nootropic That Will Keep Your Brain Safe

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Lithium Orotate: A Nootropic That Will Keep Your Brain Safe

Nootropics are a hot topic right now. This is quite natural because people have been looking for different ways to improve their cognitive functions and brain power for hundreds of years and these pharmaceutical drugs have proven to be effective. If you’ve been doing some research, you’ve probably heard about Lithium Orotate.

This natural mineral salt which is actually a supplemental form of lithium has been used to heal and take care of different health issues including bipolar disorder, dementia, thyroid disease and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s been long known that lithium orotate can ease aggression and reduce hyperactivity. In the recent period, many people have started using lithium orotate as a nootropic.

Using Lithium Orotate as an effective nootropic

As we said before, nootropics are drugs used to improve memory and/or other cognitive functions and activities. This is exactly where lithium orotate can help.

To start with, lithium orotate can help people balance mood. Many people today are dealing with the negative effects of stress and anxiety and one of these effects is bad mood and irritability. Thanks to lithium orotate, people can avoid situations in which they feel overly happy and enthusiastic or extremely down and sad. Obviously, we are talking about the elimination of the symptoms of mania. Lithium orotate is able to help people by lowering the brain’s sensitivity to norepinephrine receptors. It practically blocks the production of this well-known neurotransmitter that affects our mood. In addition, the delivery of folate and vitamin B12 in the cells of our brain will be optimized too. That’s why lithium orotate is good at fighting aggression.

Next, lithium orotate has a direct impact on the work of a few areas of the human brain, It manages the work and activity of NT3 (neurotrophin-3), NGF (nerve growth factor) and few other things. To put it in simple words, it encourages neurogenesis and production of stem cells. People with different kinds of brain injuries and problems can expect improvement in their cognitive functions.

Finally, it was proven that lithium orotate can protect the brain from a wide range of degenerative processes and health issues. This neuroprotective function makes lithium orotate a useful brain vitamin that can be used by people of all ages. Several scientific studies have shown that this supplement can boost gray matter in the human brain, block the release of beta-amyloid and boost NAA.

How to use Lithium Orotate

Even though there is no strict rule about the dosage, experts advise the use of nootropics that come with about 5 mg of the lithium mixed with orotic acid. The acid is here to boost the bioavailability of lithium. So, taking 5 mg of lithium orotate, up to three times a day can help you witness those great benefits we’ve mentioned above. By taking responsible doses of this nootropic, you will avoid any side effects. Keep in mind that lithium orotate should not be used by pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and individuals dealing with cardiovascular or renal diseases.

Overall, lithium orotate is an excellent brain vitamin that you should try with GodMode.

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