Betalains – The Nootropic With Powerful Pigments

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Betalains – The Nootropic With Powerful Pigments

Betalains represent colored pigments that are extremely rare in their natural form. They are part of just a few plants that grow in different parts of our planet. According to the scientists, there are 24 types of betalains and prickly pear cactus has all of them. The reason why betalains are becoming so popular is simple – they are providing a myriad of benefits to their users. As a result of that, many nootropic product manufacturers have included betalains in their products. In order to get the most from them, you should use products that have high-quality betalain extracts.

Now that you know what betalains are, it is the right time to read about the benefits associated with these pigments.

They fight inflammation

To start with, they have proven to be useful for people suffering from different kinds of inflammation. Any type of inflammation can lead to a wide array of health issues like fibromyalgia, gout and even psoriasis. Even though inflammation represents a natural response of the human body against trauma, there are cases when this mechanism works in an inadequate way leading to serious health issues.

With the help of betalains, people are able to control and even eliminate inflammation. This is a completely natural way to deal with this problem. The truth is that there are many anti-inflammation drugs out there, but they cannot be compared to betalains because these natural compounds don’t lead to any side effects. Using betalains as part of nootropics can help you prevent chronic inflammation and keep you safe from serious ailments like cancer, arthritis, pulmonary diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

Other benefits of using Betalains

Betalains have an ability to bring back vitality of the body. They act as powerful antioxidants and eliminate free radicals in the systems. In this way, every nutrient we consume will be able to reach its destination.

Besides the fact that betalains can fight inflammation, they provide few other benefits. For starters, they can lower the level of bad cholesterol. A few studies have confirmed that they cut the level of LDL bad cholesterol. Furthermore, these compounds can also keep the cells safe from toxins. It’s worth mentioning that they are especially effective when it comes to brain cell protection. Some experts claim that this helps the brain optimize its cognitive functions.

We should also mention that betalains are good for the liver. The liver processes the toxins, but betalains make sure that the work of the liver is optimized by helping it purify these toxins.

Thanks to betalains, people can bring balance to their bodies and minds. These compounds are promoting wellness and health and keep people safe from chronic health issues. Instead of looking for a way to fight some health problem, betalains allow you to prevent these problems. As we all know, prevention is always a better option compared to healing.

By using high-quality nootropic products that contain betalains such as GodMode, you can feel all these benefits and the benefits provided by the rest of the ingredients.

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