Africa Hunting Outfitters

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Africa hunting outfitters offer world class hospitality, lifelong memories and the opportunity to hunt some of the most spectacular animals in the world. The experience can be as much about the non-hunting activities as the game. Africa has world class beaches, wineries, safari hunting africa drives and much more to offer the non-hunter.

Explore the Wild: African Hunting Safaris in Namibia

Most african outfitters have an all-in day rate that includes your in country transport, accommodation, food, drinks & more. It is important to ask your african ph what is included and excluded in their packages so that you have a clear understanding of the overall cost of your trip.

When choosing your African PH it is also important to consider the size of their area and what type of terrain it contains. The habitat of the area will have a major impact on the animals that you will be able to hunt. You want to ensure that your PH has a good knowledge of the area and the species you are going after.

Ask the african ph how many animals of each species they have on their property and whether these are endemic to the region. This will allow you to determine the health of the herds and the quality of the trophies that you are likely to get.

It is also important to understand the laws of each country in which you are planning your african hunting expedition. Most of the time you will need a permit to hunt each species however some animals may be able to be hunted under a P3 exemption. Ask your PH about the different species and whether you require a permit or not before booking your safari.

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