A Career in Aesthetic Medicine

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Doctors with aesthetic training are perfectly placed to take on aesthetic procedures. They can choose to work for a global clinic chain or open their own private practice. While these opportunities offer independence and flexibility, they are not necessarily the best option for those who prefer a more structured working environment. If you are considering a career in aesthetics, it is important to understand the risks involved and how to avoid them.

What is difference in aesthetic and beauty?

Patients may choose doctors aesthetic surgery to improve their physical appearance, reduce scars, and reconstruct disfigured areas. The majority of demand for these procedures stems from the general public who wish to improve their facial features and look younger. Non-surgical aesthetic procedures are also popular with people who work in the media and entertainment industries, including models and actresses. Experts in aesthetic procedures typically undergo specialized training, and many doctors continue to add to their skill set regularly by attending international societies.

As with any medical field, aesthetic doctors must follow a strict code of conduct and adhere to regulations in order to continue performing these services. Singapore’s Health Ministry oversees the aesthetic industry and regulates its members and practices. The standards are different for each aesthetic procedure, and the MOH will frequently audit aesthetic clinics to ensure that they are practicing within the guidelines.

Doctors in aesthetic medicine also perform consultations to diagnose and treat skin diseases. Certain procedures, like laser hair removal, tend to go hand-in-hand with certain skin conditions. For example, an aesthetic doctor may recommend laser treatments or salicylic acid chemical peels to patients who have acne. Other treatments may include scar reduction and pigmentation treatments.

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