4 Benefits of a GPS Dog Collar For Animal Wellness

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A Animal Wellness GPS dog collar can help ensure your pet’s safety by tracking their location at all times. These collars also have a variety of other benefits for both you and your pup.

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If your dog escapes from the yard or goes for a long walk and doesn’t come back, a GPS collar can track their movements. This information is sent directly to your smartphone, allowing you to locate them quickly. Many GPS pet tracking companies offer lost dog recovery services that work with local shelters to help you locate and return your furry friend home safely.

2. Monitor Your Pet’s Health

A few GPS tracking collars have features that can function like a fitness tracker for your dog. This allows you to view their activity throughout the day and see how much exercise they are getting. It can also alert you if they haven’t eaten or drunk enough water, helping you make sure they are getting adequate nutrition and hydration.

3. Locate Your Dog If They Escape

The most important benefit of a GPS dog tracking collar is the ability to locate your pet if they become lost. Most tracking devices will send you alerts if they cross your designated boundaries or go too far away from you, giving you plenty of time to find them before they get too lost. Some models even have a feature that lets you mark a “safe zone” (also known as a geo-fence) that will trigger an alert if your pet leaves the area.

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