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• Enhance your learning, memory & recall
• Legitimately quicker reactions, studies show 6-10% faster
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• Maintain your cool under pressure
• Triple-A focus: Alertness, Attention, Awareness
• Spock-like logic and reasoning

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Mind Chart

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With GodMode we've focused on the 14 nootropic molecules that are the most potent and the most proven in clinical studies. We've left the other 30+ nootropic runner-ups on the cutting-room floor where they belong.

That's not to say we won't modify our formula in the future. In fact, every year we plan to review the latest studies and if a new nootropic rises to superstar status, we'll add it to GodMode. Our plan is to keep GodMode as the leader-of-the-pack with the latest research and leading ingredients. This is why is both safe and smart to subscribe to GodMode monthly―you'll be assured of always getting the best brain supplement ingredients currently studied and proven to work.

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